Lynx Biology

The Canada Lynx weight:†† 22 to 44lbs.
Federal Listing:† Threatened.
Number of Kittens:† 2 to 3.

How Old Can Lynx Get?

How do researchers tell how old a lynx is? In the field, they can often tell subadult from adult age classes but more accurate age determinations are not possible. However, when they find a lynx that has died, they can use a cross section of the lynxís canine tooth to accurately determine the animalís age. The researcher takes the tooth and looks at it under a microscope. The tooth has annual growth rings which are then counted much like tree rings, to determine age.
Itís important to know how long lynx can live and reproduce in the wild. Canada lynx get stressed out when there is not enough food and when there are abnormal weather conditions. Lynx that are stressed out will not reproduce (have kittens). By knowing how long lynx live, we can see how well populations are able to survive such environmental fluctuations.

Awesome Lynx Facts

The Canada Lynx eyesight is so strong that they can spot a mouse 250 feet (75 meters) away!

lynx denDenning and Kittens:

Lynx do not excavate (dig out) their dens, rather, they den under naturally occurring structures such as downed logs, root wads, or rock piles. In particular, lynx select den sites with large amounts of downed woody material in forest stands with lots more cover than elsewhere in the animalís home range.

Females generally den for the first time at three years of age.† Lynx mate in late winter and females locate den sites to have their kittens in mid-May. During late May and June, the mother lynx may move her kittens from the original den to a series of other den sites, often located close by.

What Big Feet You Have!

Coyotes have what is called a high foot-load meaning their feet are small compared to their body size.† However, a lynx has large feet compared to its body size therefore the feet act like snowshoes when they walk in the snow.† The high foot-load which coyotes and other animals have makes travel through deep snow more difficult.† The lynx on the other hand has a much easier time getting around in the deep snow.

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